Bulk Air Separators

Air Separators efficiently separate & remove air or entrained gas from liquid products before they are metered. This is an essential requirement of any volume metering system for achieving a high measurement accuracy.


  • Rugged construction
  • High venting capacity air eliminator
  • Large liquid settling volume with internal baffles


An Air Separator consists of a mild steel cylindrical tank supported on a stand. The unit has a large cross-sectional area, which slows down the flow of liquid. An internal baffle plate arrangement assists any entrained air or gas to coalesce and separate to the top of the tank, where a high venting capacity air eliminator is fitted.

The air eliminator consists of a stainless steel float connected to a pilot valve via multiple linkages. When air collects in the air eliminator, the buoyant force acting on the float reduces, the float drops down along with the pilot valve connected to the linkage and the air escapes through the main valve. As liquid rises in the air eliminator, the float rises to lift the pilot valve, thereby closing the air release opening of main valve.


  • Removal of entrained bulk air or vapor from the metering system pipeline.