As a leading supplier of P.D flow meters and accessories, Vermont Technologies is committed to provide its customers with high accuracy and reliable products. All our product processes follow stringent manufacturing principles, ensuring we deliver top quality products and solutions. Our ISO 9001 certification provides the basic foundation of our quality management practices.

Building upon years of experience, Vermont has also developed an integrated quality assurance approach that focuses on high standards. At Vermont, all components require very high levels of tolerances, highest levels of precision in machining, complex components and assemblies, which also means complex shapes, contours. The entire gambit of the manufacturing process encompasses computer controlled machining, welding, EDM, fabrication and automated inspection of machine components. With our orientation as a process driven organization, it becomes extremely vital for us to maintain a stringent quality control at the every level of the product manufacturing stage, in order to ensure an assured degree of accuracy for our flow meters.

Vermont technologies is a ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and uses a stringent quality control process to ensure the reliability and accuracy of every single product that leaves our facility. We employ the following quality management systems to ensure 100% accuracy and delivery:

SPC (Statistical Process Control)
CMM (Coordinated Majoring Machine)
PPAP (Production Part Approval process)
AQP (Advance Quality Planning)

Quality assurance being the focus area, our company has acquired inspection technology and specially trained Man power to conduct testing and inspection in compliance with various national and international standards.

Our infrastructure also facilitates third party inspection in line with customer specifications and functional requirements. Some of the reputed third party agencies who are involved in third party inspections with  Vermont are: